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Thought Leadership from Technolight: White Papers & Technolightligence

Technolight's thought leadership publications include our white papers series and Technolightligence topic articles. The collection provides thought leadership and insight into current issues and trends in the following areas:

  1. Data Warehousing
  2. Testing
  3. Application Development & Management
  4. Quality & Project Management
  5. Industry Focused Papers
  6. Optimizing Through IT


Application Management Outsourcing has long been a key lever for IT organizations to realize their goalsLearn about business focused alternate delivery models. Features Gartner research.

Focusing on best practices to reduceTCO and increase business value, this paper explores Syntel's best practices gleaned from hundreds of production support engagements.

With reliance on technology for business results increasing, enterprises are faced with the challenge of developing applications faster, with better quality, and higher ROI. Learn how to succeed by using industry standards and solid frameworks.

Portals and exchanges in Technolight provide dramatic opportunities to automate collaborative business processes with customers and suppliers, generate internal efficiencies, and reach new markets at minimal costs. Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of this dynamic channel.

Service Oriented Architecture

After the dotcom burst, the companies worldwide went on a cost cutting spree. Web services were presented as easy on integration and hence could be used to reduce the total cost of operation. Any one, using SOAP, considered himself/herself to be one of Web service implementers and a candidate for drumming up lower integration costs. Overselling the lower integration costs via Web service route lowered the strategic importance of adopting what is now known as service oriented architecture. Barring a few exceptions, notably an HBR case study1, Web services are still being seen as cost minimizes.