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Mobile Application Development

Smartphones and tablets are replacing desktops and laptops, and users are demanding more and more functionality from their portable devices. Any software today needs a solid mobile strategy – or it’s dead in the water. Technolight Infosoft has been a leader in mobile software development, creating native mobile apps as well as injecting mobile functionality into a range of enterprise software solutions.

Technolight has handled strategy, concept, design and development for dozens of mobile apps and mobile software components built on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

The Technolight Infosoft operating model – with top developers stationed around the world – delivers the company an advantage in mobile since many of these professionals hail from lands where mobile has leapfrogged wired communications platforms and penetration, usage and expectations are ahead of that seen in the U.S. This long-term experience with mobile provides the Technolight team an inherent advantage in terms of their understanding of best practices and real-world usage.

Some of the areas of expertise in custom mobile app development include:

  • CMS Mobile Content management System
  • Push notifications with deep linking
  • Mobile analytics applications
  • Business applications
  • BYOD implementation